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Daddy Yankee remains one of the major influences in the music industry with more than 11 million albums and over 50 million followers through social media. Named as one of the Most Influential Hispanics globally by CNN and Time Magazine, he has enjoyed a successful career that has taken him from 2013 to the present to a world tour through Europe, Asia and the Middle East. 

In 2018, Daddy Yankee made history with 10 Guiness World Records with the title for his achievement as the First Latin artist to reach the number one on Spotify, confirmed as of July 9, 2017, as well as seven titles for the success of the hit song “Despacito,” performed alongside Luis Fonsi, and two additional titles for topping the Billboard Latin Rhythm Airplay lists. 

From the start of his career through his current hit "Dura," he has created songs that captivate audiences to become instant successes. With an impeccable track record of global smashes within the last 20 years, the international music icon, whose greatest hits include "Gasolina," "Shaky Shaky," and "Despacito - Remix," has surpassed 44,735,586 monthly listeners on Spotify. Daddy Yankee has charted over 50 hits on the Billboard Charts and is the only Latin Artist to Chart four songs in Spanish on the Top 20 of  Billboad’s Hot 100 Charts.

Named as one of the Most Influential Hispanics on a global scale by CNN and Time Magazine, Yankee 's successful career has included the launch of various products under his brand, collaborations with several artists from different genres and for three consecutive years its world tour in Europe, becoming the second highest grossing in 2014 after the Rolling Stones.  

His business empire also continues to grow with his production company, El Cartel Records, the company's Cangris Music Publishing and a film company that produced "Talento de Barrio" starring himself. The soundtrack of the film sold over a million copies worldwide, reaching first place in the list of Billboard Latin music hits. Additionally, the single "Pose" won first place in the list of most popular Latin songs. 

Yankee’s philanthropic work through "Daddy 's House" has been recognized by Billboard with the Spirit of Hope Award. Among his many accomplishments, Yankee has also received over 100 awards including Latin Music Billboard Awards, Latin Grammys, American Music Awards, Latin American Music Awards, among others.  In 2014 Daddy Yankee was also honored with the ASCAP "Voice of Music Award". 

Most recently, Daddy Yankee has emerged once again, single handedly dominating the world of Reggaeton and making his presence felt. Throughout a stellar 2017, where he broke records with his collaboration with Luis Fonsi on Despacito. He became the first Most Listened Artist Globally on Spotify and Despacito was certified as the Most Watched Video on YouTube History. In 2018, he released his Global Smash Dura which reached #1 on airplay in more than 19 countries, surpassing over 1.3 Billion Views and has won over 21 Platinum Albums Just in The United States. Dura became a musical phenomenon around the globe and the #DuraChallenge surpassed more than 1 Million videos on the social media and became one of the Top 10 challenges on the app Tik Tok.  In Asia, Daddy Yankee took his show and became also the first reggaeton artist to visit and sing in China in Spanish. Later this year, Daddy Yankee received the Icon Music Award by the Latin American Music Awards for his contribution to the music and the community.

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